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Posted by 4O4Tales - March 20th, 2019

I spent 6 months working on a video that was just over a minute long: I called it 'Internet Fight'.

It was the first video I ever uploaded to my channel and I think it got 2 views on Youtube (one of those might have been me checking on the video from one of my other accounts). Ever since then I've become kind of obsessed with creating the perfect cocktail of 'Qualtity vs Quantity'.

See, every creator has different preferences and goals when it comes to making stuff: what kind of content do they want to create? What kind of audience do they want to reach? Based on your goals here you're going to have to decide something really important: how often are you going to be uploading new stuff?

It might seem like a boring question but it determines a lot. Do you spend years working on something only for it to bomb when you finally release it? Do you create tons of stuff quickly only for all of it to essentially have about as much worth as a pile of garbage? I think Newgrounds favors quality thanks to it's rating systems and Youtube favors quantity due to it's algorithms being designed to keep people on the site. Where do I fall on this equation? Well recently I thought I had created the perfect 'Quantity/Quality' cocktail.

My big idea was this: 30 second videos. Short enough that I could guarantee that what I was making was high quality and that they wouldn't take dozens of hours to produce. This way I could be making videos everyday but it would all be content that I could be proud of. The perfect cross between Youtube's demand for quantity and Newground's appreciation of quality. I was ecstatic- I had finally created the perfect recipe.

Except...I didn't. You can go look through the reviews on my more recent videos and you'll see the same critique popping up again and again- "It's too short." It's a perfectly reasonable complaint to have- if anything I could see it as a compliment. And people on Youtube were saying the same thing.

...this really bugged me. This cocktail was kind of a failure.

But I think I figured out something important.

Today I uploaded a much longer video than I'm usually do- 8 minutes. It took me about two weeks to make and I have a feeling people on here aren't going to like it too much. But that's fine, if Newgrounds isn't really the place for 8+ minute video essays, I'll just try something else.

While putting together this new video I realized that, since I didn't spend too much time on those shorter videos, I wasn't actually too upset about abandoning that experiment all together. In fact, I think I realized that's the way I prefer to make things.

Maybe I'm still a little haunted by that first video failing so hard (which did eventually find some love when I reposted it on Newgrounds- love you guys) but I think I'd like to start failing faster. To stop worrying about how well I'm executing ideas and just learn to love the process more than the end result.

Maybe the real secret is that I don't have to choose between quantity and quality. Maybe someday I'll create something in an hour that I'll be proud of for the rest of my life. Guess I'll just have to keep experimenting to find out.

What do you all prefer? Quantity? Or Quality?



Posted by 4O4Tales - February 20th, 2019

To make a name for yourself online they say you have to start small, find a community that won't just drown you out. But it's been really hard for me to find my niche. I've scoured the internet for a weird little places that enjoy art and creativity but doesn't take itself too seriously. I've been trying to find a community that has an appreciation for craft but isn't strangled by professionalism. I've been wanting to find a home where I can shitpost but still feel like I'm being productive.

I find myself coming back here more and more- and that makes me really happy.



Posted by 4O4Tales - November 3rd, 2014

I started watching Newgrounds videos when I was still in middle school. It's kind of a trip thinking that I'll now be submitting my animations to this site that I spent so much time on in the early 00's. Anyway, I know newgrounds has great taste in animation and since youtube's decided they prefer quanitiy over quality I've created this account to start sharing my stuff with you guys. Hope you enjoy!